Here at Nova Scotia Building Supplies, we have a one of a kind custom home design and drafting service. Schedule a meeting with Sean, our Head Designer, to start your project off on the right track. We’ll collaborate with you to design a house that suits your land and your needs and make your ideas come to life. There is no need to settle on a spec house design. We also offer competitive rates and 50% refund on our drafting fees if 75% of the building material estimate we provide is purchased at our store!

SoftPlan reView is designed to facilitate communication between the designer, client, builder, trade contractors, and their staff. reView gives anyone access, anywhere, to SoftPlan drawings and the 3D model.

“I have found great success with reView 3D. I recently designed a home for a builder and created a 3D interior and exterior model in reView 3D. When the builder showed the 3D reView file to the buyers, the contract for the house was signed that day! Since the buyers were able to see what the house would look like, they were sold right then and there. Several days later the buyers said ‘We bought the house because we were able to see it in 3D.’
This is such a tremendously powerful sales and presentation tool, that I now have clients that want me to create 3D models with reView on existing floorplans. This has allowed me to generate even more business for myself.”

Steve Haarmann

Design Works Home Plan Services, Inc., Gainesville, GA

reView allows you, your clients, and your staff to:

  • Redline a drawing using typical mark-up tools
  • Create punch lists directly on the drawing files
  • Add comments to the drawing
  • Place service symbols such as electrical outlets and TV jacks
  • Query between any two points to calculate distance
  • Import mark-ups back into SoftPlan
  • Create schedules of notes, punch items, and service symbols
  • Print reView drawings
  • Export SoftPlan files as PDFs
  • Send 3D models to clients for viewing

For more information contact our design team

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